the Triumph of Astana

un film de Birk Weinberg
Cinematography: Géraldine Zosso et Jan Speckenbach
2010, documentaire, 200min., HD, Berlin

Une étude filmique sur le développement urbain dans l’aire post-socialiste, un portrait de la capitale du Kazakhstan.


Among the locations the film takes us to the ubiquitous construction sites. In this state the buildings still seem accustomed some quality they loose once finished and a part of the cityscape. One of the sites is a prospective entertainment and shopping center designed by Sir Norman Fosters office. The project is delayed and features an ambitious tent construction. People, who can afford to have doubts, do question whether it ever will function properly. Most other buildings are made by architects nobody really knows. We see people travelling, working, playing with their kids in the courts of old and new panel building blocks. And we see them strolling around on the Left Bank as the new government district is called. They adopt these places, take pictures of themselves in front of key buildings or the numberless models of the city. The city models are a main attraction for Kazakh tourists. They give them the opportunity of virtual trips not to distant countries but to their own prospected future.


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